Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Diefenthal wrote:
evarost wrote:
Prog wrote:Please wait new version after 16.06

It will incorporate DVB-T support? :wink:
do you want really a dead horse ?
think Dvb T2 and the horse isnt dead instead to Dvb T
:D :D :D :D :D :D
SAT>IP support for DVB-T2 includes support for DVB-T;
so thank you for incorporate suport for the rest of standards: DVB-T/T2/C/C2.


Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:Check "b". DVB-T added, but I am not test it.
Good job and Thank you! :D :D :D

Testing version "c" (last). Initial feedback:

- ProgDVB can speak with the SAT>IP DVB-T server.

- ProgDVB can execute the scanning process, but only found some channels on some frequencies.

- When Manual scan over active frequencies the lock works, but no channel found... after several minutes of RE-scan, some channel is found (without name, as it found "TV Service XXX").

- When playing progams scanned the Input Traffic Information shows good traffic (minimal lost=0).

So I feel there is some trouble with the scanning process. :?

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Hi Prog,

With DVB-T all channels (well scanned or not) are choppy (video and audio). The Input Traffic Info now shows (not before) "Minimal lost" around ~2%. I feel the problem is the size of RTP/UDP packets or any other similar problem.

I'm testing with minisatip.

Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:Hm. Problem only on DVB-S?

ps: I am not have DVB-T in this place.

In my case DVB-S is working... It seems that is Diefenthal that has problems with DVB-S and the triax tss 400 server...

Related to DVB-T in your place... I'm sorry! I'll think on an alternative. However, please, try to setup a minisatip server in your LAN. You can check your software with this software-only SAT>IP server for testing. If ProgDVB works with this server in DVB-S mode it should work with DVB-T, as it only changes the tuner parameters.


Re: SAT>IP Protocol support

Prog wrote:But why you ask DVB-T if you not have device? I am still not have reason for SatIP DVB-T.

I have a Raspi with minisatip for DVB-T and a hardware DVB-S2 server. That I like is use ProgDVB as a client for both protocols. Where is the problem?

Also you can test minisatip implementation in your land, because if you don't have DVB-T signals, you can use DVB-S signals operating with minisatip. If ProgDVB is compatible with minisatip for DVB-S, then it will be compatible with DVB-T, as the Linux DVB-API is used for accessing to the tuner and it's equal for -T/-S-/-C/-S2/-T2/-C2.

Please, try it!