Re: Scanning issue

This version 7.07.8 is the most stable since my first trying ProgDVB release that not crash on switching channel a lot of time. Thank you

Could you, please, add feature to blind scan with only update range of our list scanned IPTV ?
Actually, we must remove channel from base, scan manually every range that are not followed
There no auto update if channel is scrambled or not !

exemple table: to Yes to No to Yes to No to Yes to No

Re: Scanning issue

OS: win7 home sp1 english build 6.1.7601
app: ProgDVB 7.10.05 Pro licensed
TV sources: IPTV client only (all others are unselected)
RTP: auto
port: 10000

ProgDVB Gui steps do it 2x time for have 2 files between 1h time laps

Channel list > Remove channel from base > remove channels from list > IPTV client > Do you want to delete the channels ? Yes
Channel list > Blind search > multicast group > start port 10000 end port 10000 > Start
Scanning Report > tab New channels OK
Edit>Group by > None
Edit > Sort > By type and Caption
File>Save playlist > C:\Users\Public\Documents\IPTV\iptv-swisscom-open-hd20150823a
notepad>open > C:\Users\Public\Documents\IPTV\iptv-swisscom-open-hd20150823a >Ctrl+H > replace > find what: udp://@ replace with: rtp:// > Match case > replace All > close
Notepad > File > Save
windows commander > select mark both files iptv-swisscom-open-hd20150823a and iptv-swisscom-open-hd20150823b
Windows commander > File > compare files by content

look the result 8 differences found
I think there a bug somewhere in blind scanning
sent email to prog with ProgDVBEnging.log and 2 files.m3u

Re: Scanning issue

app: ProgDVB 7.10.05 Pro licensed

sorry, to be clear:
This is totally unrelated to sorting! You can check yourself Blind search report before any sorting !

Channel list ==>> Blind Search failing somewhere discovering some channel as open but is true scrambled.
You can do it 2 times, next time, it discover another channel really scrambled as wrong "free, open"

blind search really need to be consistant on all address and write them really all discovered Transport Stream info
or make separate tool just for full perfect scan.

I good example of today, "TC Sport 19 HD" discovered as fake open
I must manually check box scrambled as should be automatic.
and another example, missing channel in the scan, if i look manually the ip missing, i can watch it ! the info exist :-/

if I test next ours or day, this channel is not discovered as fake open !
(i don't refer to real scrambled channel really open just for test fews days as actually is for fews new channels so i don't confuse, i know about the real channels change by watching them)

Thank you for better checking your ProgDVB > Channel list > Blind Search (without IPTV file)

IPTV Client - Error! No file exists. - Switzerland - Swisscom


Re: Scanning issue

verison 7.17.3 did not solve.
pre-version 7.16.3e solved partially.
This version after many release come back with function blindscan correctly differentiate scrambled/free, thank you with still some wrong channel marked free but it really scrambled!

Anyway, this release still slow 16min compared to Transedit token only 5 min. for doing same scan range iptv udp.

So i don't see any improvement about speed scanning blindscan
"New architecture of channel base for more for increase speed of base and responsiveness of the interface."

Windows 7 home 32bit hosted on iMac5.1 with BootCamp
CPU intel Core2duo T7400@2.16GHz and RAM 2Gb

Re: Scanning issue

ProgDVB Professional 7.26.06 IPTV Client without file.

Discover funny bug with debug log enabled or not :-/
if debug log is enabled (checked), blind scan show correct and well differentiate scrambled Video channel V red color or free video channel V green color
if debug log is disabled (unchecked) blind scan fail differentiate scrambled or free channel and padlock wrong state.
please advise and fix.

Today example
failed blind scan on "C Sport HD" wrong detected as open channel (true scrambled video channel udp://@
(padlock channel red but V green color is wrong, should be red in this case)
if selected scrambled channel and start bindscan and manual stop scan, crash ProgDVB
sent redge20190119-Logs.7z

clik Update channel did not auto add scrambled, only manual check box scrambled half fix the problem of the video channel to V red color.
after manual checkbox scrambled, the padlock blink red/green case.

Code: Select all

<Channel id="5DDD0002.A17DC536B11C5881.0001">
	<Caption>C Sport HD</Caption>

system model: Apple iMac5.1
OS: Windows 7 home premium 32bit Bootcamp
CPU intel Core 2 duo T7400@2.16GHz and RAM total 2Gb (667 MHz PC2-5300 DDR2 SO-DIMM SDRAM)
GPU: ATi Radeon X1600 128Mb VRAM

Re: Scanning issue

ProgDVB professional 7.276.06
Blind scan network netstream AG (for Sunrise internet service provider) ran with a lot of errors discovery false open channel compared result Transedit 4.2.2 from DVBViewer 100% correct result.
blind search IPTV Client
port 1234 ... 1234

please correct blind search. thank you
sent debug log and screen capture ProgDVB

Re: Scanning issue

Please add to ProgDVB.ini in [Debug]
and prepare logs of scanner

Can you record me sample of "bad" channel mux? Service->TS recorder->All ts (skip crypted traffic=false)
Or over any other tool for record. But not record function of ProgDVB