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What I miss a lot is progdvb starting my tuner automatically when I connect. Every other day I run into this. I forget to plug it in beforehand and I have to click annoying error messages and close/reopen progdvb after I plugged it.

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Prog wrote:/WindowMode

Oh, thanks!

I been search for it in Settings - Controls and I did not find it. Now, I do, in Settings - Options - Controls - Bind Keys, and now I learn how to start it in WindowMode and a certain channel /WindowMode /5


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Prog wrote:OSD menu->Options->..
I think that this function is allowed to assign to the remote control so that they could with the remote control to set the example that I want to switch the PC into sleep mode after 30 minutes, it would be enough to set via a single button on the remote control, press one - is set for 30 minutes, pull twice - 60 minutes, hit three times - 90 minutes, hit four times - 120 minutes, hit five times - PC goes into sleep mode after about 10 seconds, hit six times - the timer goes off, hit seven times - everything is repeated from the beginning.

Detect connected device after progDVB launch


Here's my issue. I have an USB tuner. And as such it's not connected when I don't use it.
Around half the time or more I start ProgDVB before I remember to connect it. Here's what happens:
[*]I get an error message - I press escape
[*]I get another window (TV sources), which is useless in this case. - I try to close it with escape but it doesn't react to it. So I have to click okay (or the close button) to close it or alt+f4.
[*]I still get nothing. I get the channels list, can switch between channels, but they don't work because the device is not detected.
[*]I have to close and re-open ProgDVB

This is incredibly annoying after a few times.
Here's what I propose: When the device is unplugged pdvb could show an alert, but also waits for the device to be connected of the|a device. And starts using it as soon as it detects it.