Time shift buffer Overfill! error --- hundreds of them ....

Hi just installed the ProgDVB Net version (ProgDVB7.23.2NetPro)

seems promising - I'm running it on Windows 10 Ent. x64

However I either start a recording and or have one scheduled - and it begins recording fine ...

then after awhile 20-30mins or so (I'm guessing) I go back to the PC that is doing the recording and I have a bunch of cascaded errors of Time shift buffer Overfill!

it says to change timeshift of playback settings ? OK -- I go under the Options Timeshift - but there arn't anything related to 'playback' nor do I know what to change with the setting that are on the settings page?

can anyone HELP?

I'm using a IPTV service as a source and also recording to a Synology NAS ---

Re: Time shift buffer Overfill! error --- hundreds of them ....

I have the same problem. I use Astrometa DVB-C\T2 USB TV-Tuner. This error appears unpredictably, if you do not notice on time, the messages fill the entire screen. Disabling Control Archive over TimeShift and disabling all modules, diffent video\audio codes (LAV) does not help. This error appears just when I watch TV, not record. The PC configuration is good (i5 6600K, DDR4 16Gb 3200Mhz, NVM.E Corsair MP500...)