ProgDVB PC win 10?,

Hi Prog i only use ProgDVB on my PC to watch IPTV m3u and the more updates you do the worse it gets,some iptv that normally work on my android tv box perfect player,or ProgDVB android,PC VLC ,meanwhile in ProgDVB PC win 10 some channels doesn't open,comes in with black screen with sound and asks for codecs,shouldn't it be perfect at this time with so many updates by now?

Re: ProgDVB PC win 10?,

Prog wrote:
Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:59 pm
No problem in ProgDVB in windows. Looks like you not have codecs or select not good codec in ProgDVB settings.
Prog; Can you please tell why ProgDVB in free Android all M3u iptv channel works great without adding any codecs without adding any works on the auto codecs set up.
And payed ProgDVB Win 10 same m3u iptv channel that works perfectly on Android only has sound and requests video codecs on PROG DVB Win 10 ?then again shouldn't all video codecs be active by default to work on all channels and not only some just like in Android?

Re: ProgDVB PC win 10?,

Prog wrote:
Sat May 19, 2018 6:44 pm
Very strange question. In Windows playback of channels better then in Android. For example Android not support codecs
Pro: what are you talking about win 10 playback?,this is live Iptv m3u iptv . and how Android tv box doesn't work with codecs?how dos Android work without codecs in prog dvb?

I'm sorry but i continue to say that it doesn't make sense that in Win 10 when one installs Prog Dvb it doesn't have all codecs and settings for all IPTV m3u channels by default, for example VLC player does