Guide Displays Different Every Time - Android

I cannot get my guide to display consistently on android;
- sometimes it's a list
- displayed by channel by day
- no guide
- large font channel name (with grid)
- etc

Can I not just pick the guide format that I want and leave it that way? I like options - but there are too many options!

Apologies if this is in docs somewhere. I didn't see it.

Re: Guide Displays Different Every Time - Android

Prog, I did a screen recording for the guide. Here's the step by step for the recording.

1. Recording starts with how ProgTV guide looks on the current 2.70.9 version. The channel description is at the bottom of the screen.

2. Recording shows how to change the guide to get the channel description at the top quarter of the screen with small window of current playing show and the guide filling the rest of the screen.

3. Recording shows how to change guide to list whats playing on selected channel for the full day.

4. Recording shows how to get back to the original guide the recording started with.

I will be deleting the video in 3 days please download if you want to use it as I made this recording for ProgTV.!1ShhTAQT!uVnBmYwfmuIG ... Y3aLJHTVz0