Progdvb service won't start

Hi, I just bought your software, all is fine excepting that I can't start progdvdservice.exe ... even when trying to start it manually, it won't and stop right away.
So I must keep PrgDVB running if I want to schedule recordings.

I'm on WIN10 Pro ...

Any idea why ?

Re: Progdvb service won't start

if I try to manually start ProgDvbService.exe with admin rights, it tells me It fails
If I go into the task manager udner the services tabs, it always shows as 'stopped'
and if I try to start it, bim, it directly stops.

If I go to the services manager and try to start it from there, it tell me it started and then stopped.
by the way I use ProgDVB Network Edition x64 7.26.08

Re: Progdvb service won't start

I could find this in Administration Events (nothing elsewhere) :

- <Event xmlns="">
- <System>
<Provider Name="ProgNetScheduler" />
<EventID Qualifiers="0">0</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2019-02-05T15:21:56.096955800Z" />
<Security />
- <EventData>
<Data>Le service ne peut pas être démarré. System.NullReferenceException: La référence d'objet n'est pas définie à une instance d'un objet. à NetSchedulerService.ServiceTools.LookApplicationDataPath() à NetSchedulerService.ServiceTools.GetApplicationDataPath() à NetSchedulerService.ServiceTools.GetLogsDirectoryPathAndRemeveOld(String fname) à NetSchedulerService.ServiceSchedulerManager.Start(Boolean is_console) à NetSchedulerService.Service1.OnStart(String[] args) à System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(Object state)</Data>