Channel Play 1hr. delay

It's strange to see this issue in progtv.
I am using progtv since long time and this issue I found recently.
Below link is work fine on vlc. You can see time on channel logo. It's Indian time. But on progtv same link play 1hr.delay.
Note : I live in vietnam so pc time is 7am.
Its a Indian channel so 1hr.30min delay time show in vlc is 5.30am (its playing perfectly)
prog tv play 1hr delay its 4.40am.

android version have same issue ... k_800.m3u8 ... 00&e=.m3u8

Hope you can solve this issue
thank you so much

Re: Channel Play 1hr. delay

As I experience is this issue is progtv reading first file.
As every stream have different drm time, Its maybe 1hr or 5min earlier.
Progtv read first file so we get delay.
But if we choose playback is media player so play latest file so its show us live.
But ffmg or openmax playback read first file which is 5min delay or 1hr delay.
I request developer please do changes so its work on time.
It's long time earlier issue.
Hope you solve this issue on openmax and ffmg playback