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Some stupid idiot edited it to contain completely perverted spam, which i had to delete now.
The account of msx had to be disabled this for.

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http://www.zshare.net/download/filtergr ... r-1tf.html (Progdvb > Version 4.79.x)
Doesn't ProgDVB recognize these codecs in the system automatically?
How can I add these codecs in ProgDVB? - Which steps?
Install e.g. Powerdvd,Windvd,ffdshow etc....

copy the content of the file ´grafs.zip´ to : \progdvb\filtergraphs

and choose them in menu : Settings->audio/video->direktshow

and choose one of the vmr renderer or the progdvb renderer (most codecs works only with these)

thats it....discussed xxx times (see old forum)
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I have read some guides for GraphEdit.

Does anybody have a hint or could post how a xgr for HDTV with or without AC3 should look like? - P*w*rD*D7 Deluxe installed.

msx wrote:THANK YOU.

I have read some guides for GraphEdit.

Does anybody have a hint or could post how a xgr for HDTV with or without AC3 should look like? - P*w*rD*D7 Deluxe installed.
Yes, I have got Cyberlink+ffdshow.xgr (H.264 filter) installed.

how to register H.264 codec

I have problems with registering a codec: I have several avc codecs in the Filter folder of progdvb (core-avc, cyberlink, elecard, ..). I try to set them in the directshow-menu but I always get the message "Filter not founded..."

Can you help me?

Links are all dead

As the above links are all dead can someone please send me those files via mail?

tbc2871202 (at) cosworth.de

Thanks in advance ...

As the above links are all dead
checked...works fine...

SiLencer wrote:
As the above links are all dead
checked...works fine...
1. Links are dead
2. it does not work (codec switching)
3. documentation is very poor

I was looking for a lean programm to watch TV. The full fledged other programms are too big for my PIII (1,2Ghz/XP/Cinergy DT XS USB) and during the evaluation period it was working fine. Now I am having this reminder on bottom of the screen and find myself working long after midnight on a problem which should not be one.

Why do I have to study this forum and MSDN articles for hours just to get rid of the elecard codec? Windvd was installed before I installed Progdvb. It does not use the already existing codec, it installs another one which I am supposed to buy.

Is there one of the "xxx" threads which provides a step by step HowTo for a codec/multimedia illiterate like me. I've read several but haven't found any substantial help.

Thanks in advance


Most suitable codecs are not available for free.
That's why ProgDVB comes with a limited demo only.

However, if you want to use (suitable) codecs, that already exist on your system, copy the *.ax file(s) of those to the (perhaps previously cleaned up) filters folder, to access those from ProgDVB.
Some may require system wide registration, to become available, by use of the (suitably edited) file 'register.bat' there.

Some codecs may be protected against re-use of this kind. If so, perhaps try something else, like ffdshow, for example.
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as Hansmxx said, the download does not work...on the download side of zShare I clicked on the "download button" which links to a 20 second wait queue and afterwards a click "here" to download, which again links me to the first page: what's that for? I don't know :) How do I get that grafs.zip file ??

ffdshow: I use Progdvb pro 6.01.01 and already installed the latest ffdshow version I found: 2280_20081102. Watching "normal" (not HD) Tv channels, ffdshow is automatically activated (and I have the little ffdshow decoder tray icon). Switching to an HD channel the tray icon vanishes (ffdshow seems not to be used any more) and I got the "elecard h264 blabla..." message. I hope this problem will be solved if I receive the grafs.zip and follow the tips of SIlencer ;)


that was what I first thought too, but ...is allowed ... using firefox 3.0 noscript and adblock plus plugins disabled, java script on, cookies on, popup blocker disabled, nothing ... tried opera does not wotk either. The "here" link
links to an html side, is this correct? I would expect the zip file here...


thx for the new link, this works without a prob for me, now trying to get the h264 running...

nope...sorry, do not want to get on your nerves, but both archives are corrupt ... neither WinZip nor WinRAR can open those files, both are 9kb


Same here! I can't find these files. The above links are corrupted,

Waiting for solutions...