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Re: Trasponder frequency shift problem after channel search

Hi I am using latest progdvb. while searching channels some channels were missing. I am using only one intelsat 17 (66e) and the frequency 3945v28800; 3966H14400; 4015v30000 were some channels missing. 1.maatv and some 2.Interact tv; Meenakshi tv ufx were missing And while blind scanning a...

My HID was blocked by you

I don't know why my HID was blocked. Yesterday I format my computer and reinstalled windows and now while registration it is showing that my HID was blocked. Please unblock my HID

Thank you

My HID was 1058-AE29-9258-3E15-1A66-B995-BFF6-09EA

Re: Feature Requests

I suggest to do
1. In channel list properties make free channels and pay channels (like TV, RADIO, OTHER) seperatly.
2. It is good If I record only audio from TV channels.

Thanking you

Re: Diseqc Module

I am using Prof Revolution S2 8000 PCI-E card with ProgDVB. My Diseqc is also always giving problem. I am using 93.5E, 66.0E, 13.0E and 7.0W. I give cable to diseqc and switching channels from LNB1, LNB2, LNB3 & LNB4. and testing with 12v DC bulb. But it is not working correctly. only one port i...

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