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bug about gpu consumption

hi, when i open 4 channels in the same screen, i have about 80% of gpu usage. if i press the - button, the one from the three on the top right (minus, square, x), i have a reduction of gpu at 60%. when i have try TvMosaic (other program for see television), i have also a high percentage of gpu, but ...

Re: freezing at 2.40 am

just before (2.40 am), the program has freezing what was inside.
impossible to close with the x on the right top.
i had to force it to close with task manager.
i have copy the log, but the program don't has crashed.
i want know why every day at 2.40 am the program finish to work.

Re: freezing at 2.40 am

sorry, what you mean about progdemux ???
maybe you mean demultiplexer ???
in this case i use Microsoft.
what about the log ???
the program don't crash.
it only freezing the screens and i
have to turn off it.
after that i turn on, the program run correctly.

freezing at 2.40 am

hi, from 1 week and every days, i have this new bug: the program freezing at the right hour: 02.40 Italy time. of course i close the program, but it still continue to be open. i must use the task manager for force it close. after i restart the program and it continue to work fine till next morning (...

bug after crash

hi, sometimes (not always) when the program crash,
it return with the 3 original languages when you install it.
my choice is: italian, english, spanish for both the options,
but sometimes these setting changes themself after crash.

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