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Help manage categories

Hi dear Prog; i need help on removing and disabling iptv categories, i remove Series and VODs but they come back, also i disable Utube untick /remove and it keeps coming back

Re: Subtitles?

Prog wrote:
Mon Mar 22, 2021 7:00 pm
Right click on video
thanks .i click on video and subtitles is not highlighted ,just like everywhere there is a subtitles bottom and setting.


How to turn on the Subtitles button, the other day i did not turn it on but found it turned on and subtitles were working on some channels ,i turned it off then but now i don't know how to turn it on .I click on it but it stays white instead of green

Re: can you get prog dvb to support XC login through their API

Prog wrote:
Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:49 pm
Is simple. Enable Xtream in TV sources and fill fields.
I did that and loaded Service but when i click to open channel it requests name and password in every channel ,i do that and it never opens any channel,i guess Eternaltv don't support PC
Progdvb, only their Apps on android

Re: can you get prog dvb to support XC login through their API

What is XC login? For securety reasons many iptv services are not giving M3U url line and use extreme codes instead ,since Progdvb doesn't work with Extreme codes i'll will not be able to watch one of my favorite services on ProgDVB that i had for many years ..Can you work something out on ProgDVB?...

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