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Re: 7.48.1 (x64)

It lokks like nearley all is fixed but the blowup and reseize of Screnn, The sttachend screenshots. i set geometrie to default, Look at he channel logo on thelest upper corner.

Re: 7.48.1 (x64)

Today i stated just 30 Minutes ago.. All chnnels are working. T thoight it ist goood, but after 5 Minutes all 1 to 3 minutes freeze of video and audioö So i stopd progdvb activate Firefox and found the desireed film in Mediathek. Its running 100%. What is this stupid frezzmg ? Switsching shortly to ...

7.48.1 (x64)

Yesterday all works fine except zwo freezes, but today nearly 50 oercent of my favorites saying "Perparing... Waitingtime to long No signal".
Going down to my normal tv (Twin-LNB) all chennels are working fine.

I am confuused.

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