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Display issue 4k

Hi again thanks for pointing me in the right direction on the windows rc remote control . Now I have been having a issue with size and display since version 7.32.5 x64 to 7.32.8 x64 everything is small. before this update what ever skin i choose worked fine. in settings I adjust the display size to ...

Re: Windows MCE remote control

Thank you for the fast reply. That would be great if the option was there for me.. all that I see is win lirc or none. Hasn't ever been a hid since I started using this software 6 months ago. I am not using the pro version does that make any difference?

Windows MCE remote control

Hi guys . Glad to be here. thanks for such a great program !!
I am wondering why there is no support for windows mce remote control ?
could we add it in ? I can help with whatever logs and testing is needed.
using windows 10-1909 x64 amd build-am3
thank you so much

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