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I'd like to see new versions have one file for channel list like dvbdream then i can copy it into any version like dvbdream ,its more easy for me if you do that.

why its not auto registered ?
any way remember now i faced that problem before but its too long from last time i use wdm driver so please make that automatic next version not manual.

nuschii wrote:ProgDVB 6.05.01 minor bug:
Right-Clicking on the system tray icon, then chosing "Exit" has no effect.

Shouldn't be too much work to fix this. :roll:
new version not for only one fix but Prog wait for others or adding new things or any thing like that.

windows xp sp3
tiwnhan 1025 bda driver (last one)

(in main tab using advanced not simple)there is no Scanner in

by the way the new osd looks great.


u mean thats in other (tab)?
i'll try

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