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Re: Avvio + record

The other day i recorded and got nothing, i already did
said it and say it again ,the more updates the worse this prog gets for iptv

Re: ProgDVB Win 10 Freezing ?

Every pc is different and you can select settings of progdvb for stable work. For example audio driver!!! is most important element for sync. But how many users have good sound card? Less 5% although Ellecard has some hiccups in audio,but still better then Prog on video ,even windows is better then...

Re: ProgDVB Win 10 Freezing ?

You can change video renderer for same. Of course other player use other video renderer then my custom renders Thanks prog; the only difference i find in other players the default auto player decoder is auto set for the best IPTV streaming performance no need to change anything ,i think if you can ...

Re: ProgDVB Win 10 Freezing ?

Hi prog i still think ProgDVB for PC is outstanding as a set up config for IPTV , but for streaming iptv Prog DVB player is not as good as MYIPTV player ,if you can improve your player to mach it to MyIPTV that would be great and i would spend more time on ProgDVB instead of MyIPTV APP.

Re: Favorite Channels?

Sorry. I am not understand you case. I understand, i did not explain well; at present we can add Favorites channels from all services and all fav's will be in the same list of favs from both 2 iptv services ,what i mean to have the Favs independently. when i select 1 iptv Client service i have all ...

Favorite Channels?

Hi prog i appreciate all your good work on Progdvb network Edition ,on the Add Favs i'd like to suggest if you can; we have add favs for example i have made my FAVS for IPTV on customer list of internet channels m3u service , now i have another IPTV service on IPTV Client when i add favs it's a mess...

Re: Favorites IPTV in PC Win 10?

As i said i tick the Fav boxes i could see all the yellow stars as it were all in the favs but when choosing Favs i only had the first channel showing in Fav list , After some uninstalling and reinstalling Prog a few times did not fix the issue ,so i started to play with it for awhile i was able to ...

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