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Re: Recording? But many other players good also. Thanks prog ,I found out a way to open the recorded file in other application and win 10 offers me Movies&tv player ,now no need for PMC ,Anyway how do i delete the recorded file for ever? i keep deleting the recorded chan and file and it kee...

Re: Recording?

Prog wrote:
Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:21 pm
Lot of good players for win. I am use PMC but many other good also.
You are so vague on your help ,i'm sorry to say but that's frustrating that you do not help us the way you should ,you say again there are so many good players but you do not say where to get them?

Re: Recording?

On playback of file? I am recommend use other software for files. ProgDVB/ProgTV is TV player... Thanks prog; if i understand win prog dvb recording works with TV player?.and you advice to change to other Player? but you do not say which one and how.I don't understand why all these perimeters are n...

Re: Selecting added favorites to a second iptv service?

Current version have only one favorites list. I thinking about best idea for many lists. Do you like favorites for every source? I think that is not good idea. List with New, movies,... is better then by sources, Yes sir; i normally only use 2 Iptv m3u lists so it would be nice to add at least 2 fa...

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