internet radio and DVB-T problems

Hi. i use ProgDVB Pro 6.06.5 on Vista and i have these problems:

1. From the default internet channels list, works a few channels, only mp3 ones, but afther 2-6 sec. stop working. The AAC ones don`t work at all.

2. In the DVB-T mode, the program can`t record the AC3 sound from a HDTV with 2 audio streams (mpg2 and AC3), even i have checked the "Record all audio streams for TS" in OPTIONS/RECORD tab.
I need to record the HDTV channel with the AC3 stream, because the MPG2 audio stream it is not synchronizet with the picture.

3. It is possible to release an Editor for the channels list working in v6.06.5?

I hope you can help me.

Thx in advance!


1. What codecs you use? What channel? You can try disable audio processor.
2. Only Pro version can record all streams. freewave version record currect audio stream.

I bought ProgDVB Pro 6.06.5 a week ago. I use it only for watch/record DVB-T and internet TV/Radio channels.

My device is:
AVerMedia Hybrid H/W MPEG Card, M115S (DVBT/NTSC/PAL/SECAM)

These are the codecs i use:

H.264/AVC: CyberLink
WMV: WMV Video Decoder
MPEG4: MPEG4 Decoder DMO
MPEG43: MPEG43 Decoder DMO
MPEG4s: MPEG4s Decoder DMO

MPEG: ELECARD Audio Decoder
AC3: AC3 Filter
AAC: InterVideo Audio Decoder
WMA: WMA Audio Decoder
MP3: ffdshow audio decoder
OGG (Vorbis): ffdshow audio decoder

Audio Processor: Disabled

Audio Stream 1=MP2,128,48000,2ch
Audio Stream 2=AC3,48000,6ch

if you tell me how, i can put the pictures with the settings i use.[/img]