Golden-Teletext to show teletext and subtitle


Golden-Teletext 1.10

- This is MD-API plugin to show teletext and teletext subtitles with DVB applications.
- It supports level 1 and 1.5.
- level 1 (G0 Primary Sets and Latin National Option Sub-sets),
Level 1.5 (G2 Supplementary Sets).
- Unicode is supported, including continues characters(Arabic for example)for both of win9x and winNT.
- Save all teletext pages in memory for fast navigation.
- Can save current page as bmp.
- Can use any font as long as it supports the desired language(Unicode) and or teletext fonts.



What is new?
- Add teletext subtitle function (G2 Supplementary character Sets are supported for
Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, and Latin languages….etc).
- Add tray icon to enable/disable subtitles and select subtitle font.
- Some updates and some fixes.

hxxp:// ... X_110.html

It can be used with any application supports MultiDec API

How to use?
Just copy GoldenTTX.dll to Plugins folder.......


You can use the following keys for teletext navigation:-

"up" and "down" arrow keys for page+ and page- respectively.
"Right" and "left" arrow keys for sub page+ and sub page- respectively.
"page Up" step forward by 10 pages, "page Down" step backward by 10 pages.
"Home" go to page 100.

Mouse actions:-

"D-click" to toggle fullscrean.
"R-click" to select language, font and save current page.

- Use tray icon to enable/disable subitles, select subtitle page/font.


Sep 17, 2009
Golden-teletext 1.00
- Many thanks to Christian Hackbart, Epmak and bisswanger
First release


With my Best wishes
tarek dahb

Re: Golden-Teletext to show teletext and subtitle


Golden-teletext 1.41

What is new?
- Add DDE server, auto update every 0.5 sec, See "GtClient" for details; Thanks to Jörg Hoffmann for his nice suggestion.
- Fixed some characters, some of these characters may be shown with compatible fonts only (win7 fonts for example).
- Add support to Hebrew language.
- Improved subtitle display.
- Subtitle position, colors and font can be customized.
- Settings will be saved.
- Some other fixes/updates.

* To use DDE server:-
Name = "Golden-Teletext"
Topic = "MyTopic"
Item = "MyItem"
"GtClient.exe" is a Client example,
Copy "GtClient.exe" to DVB-APP folder,
DDE must be enabled, Default is disabled
Golden-Teletext must be shown.
Chose page and sub page numbers,
Click connect,
GtClient.exe will write page and sub page numbers into "GoldenTTX.ini",
Golden-Teletext will send requested page to "GtClient.exe",
Selected page will be updated every 0.5 sec.
You can write your own client.

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Re: Golden-Teletext to show teletext and subtitle


Golden-teletext 1.43

What is new?
Rewrite DDE server to get whole page or part of row.

How to use DDE server

It can be used with 2 methods
To get the whole page:-
XXX page number, 3 digits from 100 to 899
xx sub page number, 2 digits from 01 to 99

To get a row or part of row:-
XXX 3 digits from 100 to 899
xx sub page number, 2 digits from 01 to 99
RR Row number, 2 digits from 01 to 24
CC Start column, 2 digits from 01 to 40
II Count of characters to be copied starting with CC

Examples for how to use with Microsoft Excel:-
Get all contents of page number 100, sub page number 1

Code: Select all

Get page number 100, sub page number 1, whole row number 1

Code: Select all

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Re: Golden-Teletext to show teletext and subtitle

Golden-Teletext 1.45
What is new?

- Subtitle code is partially rewritten.
- Fixed excess CPU usage.
- Improved subtitle synchronization.
- Can set subtitle page manually; or select from list.
- Subtitle will be always on top without focus.
- Subtitle will display any line within subtitle page except header and footer;
You can even use subtitle as OSD Teletext to read the whole page.
- Subtitle will be shown as Unicode text not Bitmap, to minimize subtitle display area.
- Horizontal and vertical positions can be customized.
- Removed transparency.

* Please delete old GoldenTTX.ini before using the latest version.
Tested with Pentium III, every thing goes fine.

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Re: Golden-Teletext to show teletext and subtitle

Golden-Teletext 1.46
What is new?
-Add auto detect language function, detected or manually selected language will be indicated;
-Add 7 national options, default is the 1st one of each, can be edited through tray icon menu.
-National options selection will be indicated and saved.
-Add new mouse control (auto hide), point mouse courser to top ... .
-Add option to clear teletext memory when channel is changed, see GoldenTTX.ini;
-Default is disabled "Refreshteletext=0";
*clear teletext is not recommended to use with old PCs as it takes long time at first channel change.
- Add some options for Arabic language.
-Some Fixes and improvements to subtitle decoder and subtitle display.
-Fixed delete expired subtitle rows using erase page not using Update
-Fixed 1st character of each row.
-Default subtitle page will be 777 at start up & at channel change.
-Detected language of selected subtitle page will be assigned for the whole teletext pages as long as subtitle is enabled.
-Enable and disable subtitle will be indicated.
-subtitle display will be updated every 75 ml sec,
-subtitle buffer will be updated immediately.
* Please delete old GoldenTTX.ini
Subtitle now is reliable.
Discover and enjoy.

National option for auto language detection:-
Option 1:-
0 :English ;1 : Polish ;2 :Serbian/Croatian (Cyrillic).
Option 2:-
0 :Swedish/Finnish/Hungarian ;1 :Estonian.
Option 3:-
0 :Italian ;1 :Lettish/Lithuanian.
Option 4:-
0 :French ;1 :Russian/Bulgarian (Cyrillic).
Option 5:-
0 :Spanish/Portuguese; 1 :Serbian/Croatian/Slovenian; 2 :Ukrainian (Cyrillic); 3 :Hebrew.
Option 6:-
0 :Czech/Slovak; 1:Turkish.
Option 7:-
0 :Greek; 1 :Rumanian; 3 :Arabic/Persian/Urdu.

Options for Arabic:-
ARA_WIN7 0: for winxp; 1: for win7.
ARA2_WIN7 & ARA3_WIN7 0: Arabic; 1: Persian.

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Re: Golden-Teletext to show teletext and subtitle

Golden-teletext 1.47 Test
-Add teletext subtitles translation via Google for test.
-Requires high speed internet for translated subtitles be synchronized.
-Tested with low speed internet.
-Currently it will translate last 4 rows of subtitle.
-Need confirmation that translated subtitles are synchronized or semi Synchronized.



Download ...
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Re: Golden-Teletext to show teletext and subtitle

Golden-teletext 1.47.2 Test
What is new?
Some times subtitle is so rapid and there is some delay in Google response due to in sufficient internet speed and or pc speed;
In this case subtitle duration is too short to be read so:-
-Add subtitles box to show last 5 translated rows of subtitles; can be manually shown and hidden.
-some options for this box; See GoldenTTX.ini .
Default is transparent "TranspSUBbox=1";
To change font size of this box, change this value "SUBboxFontSize=8".
Thanks to İZMİRLİ for his nice suggestion and for test as well.
Thanks to rouka and mokkhtar for test.
* Please delete old GoldenTTX.ini .
Download ...
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