Internet Radio (and TV) only stutters

Hello. I use ProgDVB 6.93 (engine 5.171) on Windows 7 64 bits and try to listen to Internet radio.

The thing that I experience is that ALL the internet stations that I receive (example Charivari 98.6 in Germany) are constantly stuttering. ProgDVB will show a speed of say 128kB/s but my firewall shows a speed of 15 kB/s.
I can imagine that this happens to one or two stations but I get this for EVERY station and this is not normal.

I have tried deactivating the firewall and increasing the Cache buffer to 10000ms but nothing helps.

I can listen to Internet radio using VLC or Firefox without problems.

Any ideas what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Internet Radio (and TV) only stutters

Prog wrote:Very depended from PC (audio driver). What OS you have?
About hangs - please send me logs.
I have a double tuner TV card (Avermedia).
It seems the hanging was due to one of the tuners somehow being locked. I have checked "Not start more than one device at once in TV Sources, Tuner Properties and so far no more application hanging on exit (sometimes in the middle too).

Re: Internet Radio (and TV) only stutters

I have to correct my initial answer.

Although the stutter is better now with the audio renderer "system" it is still there and is worse the higher the bit rate.

You can try the following URLs to check this (wait a couple of seconds as the phenomenon gets worse the longer you listen to the stream):
- you will notice a 'hickup' every second or two
- every couple of seconds you will hear a little click, a very short interruption

Note that this is not a problem with the stream/server as this problem does not occur when I listen to these same streams with VLC.

Re: Internet Radio (and TV) only stutters

Prog wrote:Please check (d) prerelease for better parse of m3u and other formats. But more changes in future.
It looks like one answer got lost here...

The pre-release helped with the stuttering, but it did not fix it altogether.

I tried 6.93.1 but the fixes from the d pre-release did not make it into 6.93.1, right?