TBS 5925 doesn't find any channels


my new TBS 5925 doesn't find an channels (testet with different Software).
I use two different Laptops (win_XP and Win_8)

With "prog finder" i can see quality and signal power on the laptop-screen,
but on the upper right side it was shown "Signal blocked" (in german "Signal: gesperrt").

I think this "Signal blocked" is the Problem, but how can i solve this?
Did everybody knows what the reason for "Signal blocked" is?

grettings from Germany

(sorry for my poor english)

Re: TBS 5925 doesn't find any channels

Yes I have diseqc maximum 4:1 as attached in the photo.
Signals are received only by the port 1.
If you use another DVB program then works just fine.
I tried it with the progdvb 32bit & 64bit.

if you want I can give you remote access to teamviewer

Win 7 SP1 64Bit, Full UpDate, TBS5925 DVB-S2 TV Tuner USB last drives v2.0.0.4