TBS 6205 quad tuner card - only 1 work with ProgDVB

hi, i ask someone that has this card if it work right with ProgDVB.
this card is a 4 tuner DTT-2, and i can record from 4 different Mux.

before this, i had a dual-tuner Hauppuage usb-stick that worked
correctly with this program.

today i have install the card onboard.
i have install the drivers and start ProgDVB from a clean version.

the program found all 4 tuners, and i can search the channells from them.

when the search is finish i press ok and i return on the main screen of the program.

at this point i see only the last tuner, and i can watch and record only from this.

i ask you:
because the program recoginze all 4 tuners, i think i must do something
inside options.

what to touch for see all 4 tuners ???

thank very much.

Re: TBS 6205 quad tuner card - only 1 work with ProgDVB

Prog wrote:ProgDVB allow many lists. But all DVB-T channels connected to one sources and by default in one list. But this is not important for you situation. You can still open more one channels in same time from one list.
do you open your mouth for breath or what else ???

i have 4 tuners, and all 4 must be work.

the same channel must appear 4 times.

do you understand ?

are you able to view the picture ???