Re: HDHomerun Tuners


There's a good review here... ... w-3620932/

I found this note for NextPVR on their support pages
No Channels Found in Scan Back to top

Check your firewall configuration and make sure that the NextPVR, NRecord, and NDigitalHost programs have full network access.

For HDHomeRun Connect/Extend/4DC Make sure that the Main Application in HDHomeRun Setup is set to Other:ATSC/QAM or Other:DVB-T/DVB-C while you are running the scan. It can be changed back to the standard NextPVR option once the scan is finished.
Could this be the problem and which programs/processes would need network access if it is?


Re: HDHomerun Tuners

HDHomeRun DVR from SiliconDust uses port 5004 UDP. HDHomeRun can be administered over the Ethernet link to tune channels, broadcast an MPEG stream, etc. The device can be viewed/controlled through a range of Linux/Windows DVR/PVR programs.
List of all HDHomeRun used ports:
Discovery Protocol - UDP 65001
Control Protocol - TCP 65001
Video stream - UDP 5002 and UDP 5004
LIRC for IR on HD Homerun - UDP 5000