TBS 6209 work only 5 of 8 tuners

hi all, for days i had 5 tuners on and progdvb has record great
for days and days.

yesterday i wanted add the other 3 tuners, for increase the
capacity to take channels from other mux.

so, i turn on the sixt tuner and i search all channels.
when has finish, in the menu i see the same channel
on 6 tuners (example dmax).

but when i try to click on the channel for view,
progdvb crash like a flash, without a window error.

after many and many tries, format pc, ecc.
i return to turn on 1 tuner after 1 and i stop
at 5 tuners.

finally i watch and record from all 5 tuners
and progdvb don't crash never.

when i have try to turn on another tuner (six tuner total),
progdvb crash like before.

clear that the program is write bad and don't support
more of 6 tuners.

thank and i hope that you can fix the program.