TBS 6991 DVBS/S2 Dual Tuner - freeze on exit

Hello everyone,

yesterday I got my new dual tuner card - TBS 6991 and I'm struggling to get it work properly. Each time I exit Progdvb, application freezes, maxes out 1 core on CPU and refuses to shut down even when I try to kill process via task manager. I made short video, link bellow. Logs are in attachment.

Only way to get it working again is restart Windows. It's 8.1 x64.


Also I'm looking to use CI interface as I would like to record some programs from payed TV. So far I had luck to get CI card work for some time with 32 bit version of ProgDVB only. Are there any known limitations it's good know about?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Let me know if you need more info.

Thank you.
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Re: TBS 6991 DVBS/S2 Dual Tuner - freeze on exit

small update:

I have managed to get working my setup with DVB Dream (2 instances running, each for 1 tuner), 2 simultaneous HD channels decoded, one of them decrypted by CI module... (can provide video if needed)

That means there's something wrong with ProgDVB, what makes me really sad - I bought ProgDVB recently as it's vastly superior to DVB Dream.

Anything I could help you out with fixing this issue for me? Logs, debugging, etc?

Thank you.