Tbs6981 not recognised. Windows 10/ gigabyte mobo. Help pls

Hi everyone,

I have a TBS6981 that has been giving me some trouble for some months now. Originally it worked fine since my upgrade to Windows 10 from windows 7 on a system with a Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 mobo but started having problems as most of the times the card was not being recognised under Device Manager. It was just pot luck and only worked when given specific IRQ numbers and not others by Windows. I kept getting the Device not started message when starting Progdvb. I decided to upgrade my mobo to a Gigabyte GA-950A-UD3P and reinstalled windows 10 yesterday and I can't get the card to be seen once again. I have tried all the pcie slots apart from the pcie16x (as it's occupied by the graphics card). I wonder if anyone can help me out trying to figure out what the issue is here please as I have run out of options and patience. I doubt the card is faulty but it could be I guess. If that's the case what should I replace it with? I read about sky DVB-s2 cards such as the 950 or 952 that should work with windows 10. After all could this be an incompatibility issue? A windows 10 issue? Help please. Thanks