Does not play PPV

Good evening I am using the ProgDVB version 7.27.4 * 64 in windows 10 and as a Xtream TV source. Recently added PPV channels with quality up to 4K the detail is that although I can play them in other software on android specifically here on my computer with ProgDVB can not open them. I already downloaded the LAV codecs at the beginning with that I managed to see them but that does not work either. I would appreciate the help sending debug reports on the link!7ctHhAIT!OHfRHFfv6vab ... MbeKqPCIUo

Re: Does not play PPV

Prog wrote:
Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:59 pm
I am mean server redirect ProgTV to some clip. Server not like working with ProgTV (on server side). May be it check User-Agent value.

It is strange because the only channels that are not seen are those of the rest ProgTV on my computer is the only way to see IPTV. In android is very complicated ProgTV