IPTV scheduler doesn't finish recording with multiple recording sessions


Just installed the latest version of the shareware version in both computers (using win7 x32 and Win10 x64) and have the same problem with both versions.

I have a list of IPTV channels and using the scheduler I program to record 2 tv shows. The first show starts recording OK and everything goes OK. The problem is when the second show is triggered the first TV show doesn't finish the recording. I tested with recordings of 5 minutes of length and this is not happening. This happens when show is more than 5 minutes.

I attached a screenshot about the problem. The main problem is when a TV show is actually in recording mode and other TV shows starts to record, first one is blocked.

The recording setup is using the option "recording in background" but I tested in other modes and the problem is the same.

Attached screenshot with the problem.