ProgDVB crash with S2X cards


Please look over ProgDVB Log.Every time I click on TV Source the player crashes.I reinstalled ProgDVB several times fresh, but unfortunately with the same disastrous result. I could practically no longer use your player.After several failed attempts,I thought of disable the two dvbs cards with S2X extension from Device Manager,6903X and 6909X.From that moment on,I was able to access TV Source and choose another card without the player collapsing.But unfortunately,after I reactivated drivers/Enable devices to the two S2X cards, the same problem returned, i.e.ProgDVB crashed again.
Maybe you're giving a proper diagnosis to this problem,and I hope you can fix it :)
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Re: ProgDVB crash with S2X cards

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Hi Prog,

I have been working with ProgDVB with the X86 version since you told me many years ago that it is preferable to install x32 on Windows x64 because of codecs that were not/are not optimized.I do not know what the situation is now,if you have solved this problem?Maybe it doesn't matter as long as your app works well.
But I assure you I have no problem with the other dvbs players and I can use them with this two card(6903x & 6909x).
I posted two images below,as you can see:before,1.when I deactivated the S2X cards and everything is ok, and 2.once activated,your player crashed.
Add log folder after I operated the Device Manager changes.
ProgDVB crashed_2019-10-30_12-34-48.png
TV Source works with SX2 cards disable_2019-10-30_12-25-04.png

Re: ProgDVB crash with S2X cards

Hi Prog,

Isn't there a solution to this issue?I reinstated your player from scratch,but without any success.Same problem:ProgDVB crashes when I click on TV Source :( Am removed many files .dll from Modules that I do not need,but did not help.
It wouldn't be a problem if I didn't use ProgDVB,but I want to test these cards with this player!
There must be a solution if other dvbs players are working with these cards.

Re: ProgDVB crash with S2X cards

Hi ProgDVB,

Thank you for your answer.I expected you would not have this card,because I'm sure you would have given me a solution.
I did what you asked me to do before,but no way I was able to activate TV Source.I have the impression that a file in your application is the source of this error. I'll dig again and then maybe I'll solve the problem on my own.And if I succeed I'll post the answer here.
For now,if I want to use your player,I disable the drivers of these cards.