ProgDVB Crash on trying watch VOD Series

I would really love to purchase this program if I can get it working properly. I have managed to get past the black screen issue and now most of the TV channels and Guide seem to be working ok.

But I cannot open any of my VOD TV Series. I can get into the series titles but as soon as I double click on an actual series the program instantly crashes and restarts.

The IPTV service I am using is Bestiptvline

It works fine on my NVidia Shield with my TiviMate app but I am looking for a program to get a similar experience in Windows. Unfortunately nothing comes close. This is one of the few that seems to work ok though if I can get the VOD stuff working properly.

Additional info:
When I try VOD in the channel tree the program does not crash but all I get is a black screen and no sound. But there are no TV Series in there. Only movies.

When I click on the "VOD Button" at the top of the program I get folders for TV Series and Movies. I can drill into TV Series and it will show a list (No poster graphics all blank with titles at bottom). Double clicking on any TV show causes immediate crash as noted above. If I double click on the Movie section it eventually loads movies with posters. However no movies seem to work (No crash though). They switch to the viewing screen where I get "Connecting....." forever with the address of the movie in the window (Ending in .mp4) and eventually "Waiting too long... No Signal." and eventually "Error! Server response not recognized."

Hope that helps you to help me. Then I can purchase the program.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Re: ProgDVB Crash on trying watch VOD Series

Not sure what "Stalker" means?

So probably Windows version. Downloaded / installed the latest 64-bit standard version.

Don't have a test account and bestiptvline does not offer trials so not sure what I can do about that.

But it works just fine in my TiViMate on Android so definitely not an issue with the provider.

Used Xtream Codes login in case that helps.