IPTV Channel Search

In ProgTV it is possible to search for a single channel across multiple IPTV sources and you will be provided with a list of IPTV servers that have that channel to choose from. Cant seem to find this option in Progdvb, I'm only able to search the current IPTV source and not multiple. Is this possible with Progdvb?

Re: IPTV Channel Search

I see, I'm ok to use ProgTV, the seach is quick and easy. For example, if there are 10 stalker servers entered in TV Sources, I can search for the channel BBC 1, ProgTV will quickly display all IPTV servers that provide BBC 1 and I can then flick through them to find the best quality stream. Progtv is the only IPTV emu/player I have used that can do this. Progdvb cant do this yet. I do prefer the user experience of Progdvb but Im happy with Progtv.