App crashes and closes

I have a problem with progTV on my Nvidia Shield TV Pro of 2019.
I have the latest ProgTV app version 2.72.0 and recently the Nvidia did also an update, version 9.0.0 (
All my other apps, like disney+, amazone prime video, and lots of other apps, run smooth, only ProgTV.
I encounter the following problems...There is a lag of multple seconds if i give commands to the app, like zapping to another channel, i got sound but not image ore the image freezes, than it stuck and does not respond and suddenly close the ProgTV app.
I rebooted the Nvidia Shield 2 times and as a last resort, i deleted the ProgTV app from the Nvidia Shield and installed everthing back, including the adres for ip tv.
It din't solve the problem.
Am i the only one with this problem and what could be the solution?

Re: App crashes and closes

Prog wrote:
Sun Jan 30, 2022 6:25 am
Is it depended from update status? May be ProgTV import some large guide in this time?
I also have ProgTV app version 2.72.0 on my Samsung S10+ with Android 12 and One UI 4.0.
The app freezes if i change 2 channels and crashes and close the app.

The ProgTV app (2.17.7) i have on a windows 10 laptop, runs flawless.

Is there an app that i can log the crashes for android tv and my phone and send it to you?