WebClient Problem

Hi everyone,

Whenever I am updating a playlist or EPG, ProgTV uses so many system sources and freezing for a minute. Eventually can not get the contents and gives me WebClient errors.

I thought there is a problem with my antivirus software after that I disable my antivirus software but still, the same situation happens.
Also, I deleted and reinstall both ProgDVB and ProgTV nothing changed. I tried both x86 and x64 releases and the situation has not changed.
Could you please help?

Re: WebClient Problem

I managed to get rid of WebClient errors but currently whenever I am clicking any update button ProgTV does not respond for a while up to several minutes according to the number of sources(playlists or EPG guides). How can I get rid of this situation?

I also downloaded ProgTV UWP and I am adding the same sources to both applications and I am clicking the UPDATE button. ProgTV UWP not freezing but whenever I am trying to open a channel closes itself. Regular ProgTV freezing and takes too much time to update all sources. I checked and did a lot of things Firewall Rules, different networks, folder permissions, re-installing several times, using both x32 and x64 versions, etc.

What should I do?