ProgDVb automatically startup

Hi, some weaks ago i have 2 scheduled programming every day programming at different day times. These scheduled work well. Then when the sheduled events finished i delete these two scheduled in scheduled directory. After that Prog DVB every day start up automatically at the some time that was programming a two sceduled programs in the past without schedule record.
How is possible to delete these two every day automatically start ups which is very disturbing. Where is located the file to delete these two automatically start ups.

Thank you,

Re: ProgDVb automatically startup

In my case wasn't so. I deleted all programmed shedule in schedule dialog, but unfortunatlly the sheduled programs rest in Microsoft Task Scheduler program vhich every day start up Progdvb at the some time without recording. These vas very frustrating to resolve these problem. I searching all folders of Progdvb under Program files and Program Data where is possible to found a shedule timers to deleted all of them but never found them.