How to setup FritzBox Sat>IP (DVB-C)

hey there, i've an Fritzbox (6660 Cable), acting as ah DVB-C Recceiver and its reachable over Sat>Ip, have this running in like DVBViewer and TVHeadend etc...

in ProgDVB or ProgTV when i configure the Sat->IP Source, i'll enter the IP of the Fritzbox and then i can choose from the predefined dvb-c frequencies, but no matter what i choose it doesn't find anything, i'm also not really sure if its even trying to get to the fritzbox, as normally i would see dvb-c receivers on the fritzbox using it in ah tuner display menu...

i tried ProgTV mainly but also ProgDVB doesnt make ah difference, using ProgTV i'll see an "error" for split seconds when different frequencies are switched for scanning...

i would exactly now my frequencies form the provider furthermore i'm not sure if ProgDVB/TV even uses the correct settings?! didn't found ah list whats behind the predefined settings :( (Modulation settings etc..)

any help appreciated
best regards

Re: How to setup FritzBox Sat>IP (DVB-C)

btw. when i try using DVB over IP with m3u Playlist apps "freezes" (i'll see around 25% cpu usage, but time is not counting nor can i stop or do anything in the apps, just can terminate via taskmgr) instantly upon trying to rescan :(

but i'll see tuner usage on the fritzbox...

trying this on progTV on android the app crashes...

Re: How to setup FritzBox Sat>IP (DVB-C)

After few years I want to use ProgDVB Pro again, but if I want use "SAT > IP Cable" with source of cable (Germany > Vodafone NRW (Symbol rate 6900)), no signal and more.

SAT > IP over VPN to the Fritz!Box Cable, standard IP
  • openATV (Octagon SF8008) = works good with Plugin SAT > IP, channel searching works good
  • DVBViewer = works near good (Windows Firewall must allow connection), channel searching works very poor, must use a pre-defined list for that
  • ProgDVB = wouldn't work, Firewall for testing is off, but nothing...
I don't know why it wouldn't work...

Ping from my to the other network: approximately 25 ms...

Parts from the logs

Code: Select all

04:15:47.245 - ====================
04:15:47.250 - >> PLAY rtsp:// RTSP/1.0
CSeq: 3
User-Agent: VLC/2.1.3 LibVLC/2.1.3 Lavf/56.15.102 Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) Gecko/20100101 AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/56.0.2924.87 Safari/537.36 Firefox/60.0 MAG200 stbapp
Session: 849

04:15:47.263 - satip: addpid 17
04:15:47.270 - satip: addpid 1
04:15:47.281 - satip: addpid 16
04:15:47.284 - ==================== 103
04:15:47.286 - RTSP/1.0 408 Request Time-out
CSeq: 3
Session: 849
RTP-Info: url=rtsp://

Code: Select all

04:15:34.401 - Init transponter scan. ScanTrasponderParseTS - satip://,1,16,17,18  long=1
04:15:34.414 - Open SDT Parser
04:15:34.444 - Open NIT Parser
04:15:34.458 - Open PAT Parser
04:15:46.912 - delta_tr 0ms SetTr delay 0ms delay10000
04:15:46.981 - Close PAT Parser 12531ms result=
04:15:46.981 - PAT scanner not complited! Skiped! m_RecordCount==0
04:15:47.008 - Close SDT Parser
04:15:47.021 - Close NIT Parser
04:15:47.021 - Scaning done. Error (0 channels)
04:15:47.026 -  
04:15:47.032 - *** SS_ScannedThread
04:15:47.067 - *** SS_PreSetTransponder
04:15:47.071 - *** SS_SetTransponder
04:15:47.072 - SetTransponder.......................
04:15:47.087 - ScannerManager::OnSwitchEngineTransport
04:15:47.143 - After SetTransponder.......................
04:15:47.143 - *** SS_ScanningThread