android tv Philips cant select m3u file


I have just installed progtv on my new tv with android tv via google app store. I previously had it on a shield as well.
It starts up properly but I cant select a File for the client list, nor an epg file.
When I use the menu where I can select the location of the m3u file, I can select the file option but then I get a fault report something like:

on the shield I get a kind of file explorer where I can select a file.

I reset-ed android tv, doesnt help. I also checked if the app is allowed to acces memory and it is.

Who can help?

regards pedro

Re: android tv Philips cant select m3u file

Indeed, thats what I do, TV sources->IPTV client. Also the text file selection gives the same fault message. Same is true for the EPG file.

TV : is running android 11, version of progtv= 2.77.0
progtv is having a premium licence.

exact fault message is : "no application can handle this action"

I also checked app permissions and it is allowed to access file and media.

I have been looking on the internet and, as far as I understand, this fault message appears if an app is depending on another something which is not enabled. No clue if this is valid in this case.

So,it seems, based on that it seems that the "file explore" which is called when the fault message is generated is either not installed or not enabled.. but I have no clue what other app/something this should be...
So I tried to do the same again on my shield, where it actually works, and tried to find out from that "file explorer" window what appears after I selected "file" in the menu but I could not find out which app/something it is which progtv uses which I should enable.....
So I am stuck...
Not sure if the above is valid, just an observation.... but my conclusions on the dependency might be totaly wrong....