Re: Samsung TV plus.

There are varius list inside the url i have shared,one is the samsung tvplus, in the other hand the plutotv , and others i have don't try with progdvb.

Inside each one you have the list divided by country(with only the channels in these country) or a "all" (that have all channel countrys in the same list).

In plutotv i have try the all and the star trek voyager channel in usa that go to black, i have try each demux and codec nothing. i don't have try record it, but i can try.

In the samsung tv part choose vlc lib seems work, except for the movies trailer channels that the image go in and out. and baywatch in spain ads without any sound.

At finish i think is something the same, they do something rare when they go to the ads part and when they return from it.And sometimes depending of the channel don't work with progdvb(baywatch in spain was provided by plutotv under samsung name).
winxp,pctv 310i analog,fm,DVB-T,skystar HD2 + CI dvb-s2