ProgTV issue with OSD CHANNEL LIST keeps lagging and then crashing...

Hey their,
i have been through situations in this month where the first time it happens to me, that progtv when ever i click on the channel List or when ever i move right or i change channels it keeps crashing, or lagging a lot, this is actually without even running any channel, it only happens on the part where when you select the Channel List, i thought at first it can't take up to 1000+ channels in 1 playlist, but i even tested lowing doing my playlist to 500 channels or even 100 channels, it keeps crashing where when you select to run the channel, also i never had this issue before 2 months or so, i even tested downgrade too 2.80.4 it still the some issue, i dont believe anything is wrong with my SMART TV or my decoders, it just the issue envolved this days with PROG TV, the actual version that was in google strore was the 2.80.5 but it needs to be fixed, the OSD channel List part isn't working at all, the app keeps crashing, keeps lagging, can't move down or up the screen is like stopping, even when the stream gets on, the OSD Channel List takes a lot of time to go away, it just not working great for me as far as for now, but before it was perfect and fine without any issues with this part, i didn't have that issue at all.

Please let me know what i can do or if their is actually something wrong with the version that needs to be fixed.

Re: ProgTV issue with OSD CHANNEL LIST keeps lagging and then crashing...

i did also try letest from google play some issue, i also tested the beta versions and the other versions some think..

By the way if you are talking about the channels they all work perfect, i am talking about the lagg that happens when changing channels or when going down up and the list its lagging alot before it was never like that, i started getting this from this month.. and Yes i am talking about android its a philips Smart TV, the OSD isn't working properly to me with the channels list, its lagging a lot i never got this before 2-3 months