Re: Progdvb not working in IPTV win 10

Prog wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2024 5:19 am
May be after you public account in forum...

I should have done this in private .,Please delete my post where i have that info ,specially my Email, i don't care about the password because i already change it , I know they've deactivated some time ago, check my 1 post on this issue dated 8 June and it happened long time ago before. And i believe N24 service moderator and N24 Server owner since i'm friend with them . N24 Service owner that is not a reseller like many others, he is a code engineer and know about this stuff ,that's why he blocked the Lav files because of IPTV hackers ,and i trust what he says because i use to be moderator there too some time ago ,but now i'm just an user . Also i have another service that wont work either.