Re: epg problem

GROW wrote:
Fri Oct 14, 2022 4:49 pm
GROW wrote:
Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:16 pm
that's sample record ... _27500.rar

years now and problem still there...
epg is correct in altdvb and dvbdream wrong in progdvb!!
specially for mbc channels at 26e and 7w...
Maybe just look for another source of program guide for MBC channels? This one, for example:
3:15 (00:55)
Wild Land
في إطار درامي، وبعد عودته إلى وطنه، يسعى الجندي ديوجو الحاصل على أوسمة، يسعى للانتقام من إدواردا التي تسببت في موت والديه، ولكن مع مرور الوقت يقع في حب ابنتها بياتريس، ويكتشف أن بياتريس متزوجة من أخيه الأصغر والوحيد المتبقي في عائلته، فكيف سيواجه كل هذا، وهل سيحارب أخيه من أجل امرأة وهل تنجح خططه للانتقام ؟

If we translate this text into English, we get something like:

3:15 (00:55)
Wild Land
In a dramatic setting, after returning to his homeland, the decorated soldier Diogo seeks revenge against Edwarda who caused the death of his parents, but over time he falls in love with her daughter Beatrice, and discovers that Beatrice is married to his younger brother and the only one remaining in his family, how will he face all this, and will he fight his brother for a woman, and will his plans for revenge succeed?

Looks good, doesn't it?
TeVii S-460