Backup & Restore/Switching from Beta back to regular release

I am looking for assistance. I recently had problems with ProgTV and my issue seems to now be resolved. I believe the error was coming from one of my providers. I was suggested to try out the Beta release. So I did. It made a slight improvement but my issue persisted. It has now been fixed since I set up a new account with my provider. Everything seems to work again.

I would like to get off the beta release and switch back to the Google Play Store version but I do not see any backup and restore settings.
I would like to avoid having to start from scratch again and bind controls and enter my playlist urls.
So my question, is there a backup and restore setting that maybe I am not seeing? And if there is no backup and restore, would installing the regular version over the Beta version without uninstalling the beta version work and keep my settings? Or do I have to uninstall the BETA and start all over with the Google Play Store version?