plugin issue

Hi prog

is there any way let me make certain plugin access certain channels only?
I have problem in power vu plugin where it open power vu encrypted channel without problem
but if power vu plugin active and i switched to FTA channel that cause progdvb to frezze!
I guess it's power vu plugin issue and he must have some thing to tell him to do the algorithm with power vu encrypted channels only!!
power vu plugin ...
So i am wondering if there is option in progdvb make that plugin active for certain channels only?
since the same plugin work perfect with dvb dream....


Re: plugin issue

Could you please plane to add this in the future..
or if you have better idea to make that plugin work with progdvb
without need to manually activate and deactivate the plugin...
since this is the only plugin available that able to play power vu encrypted channels