Re: Referrer support

Yes, I am.

Another issue.

You might notice that in my list I temporally deactivate some inactive links, until I replace them with working ones.

I put a # before the URL so that IPTV players can ignore that channel. However, ProgTV shows those channels that of course don't work.

One example:

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#EXTINF:-1 group-title="TV" tvg-id="CANAL 180" tvg-logo="",Canal 180

As for the other issues I'll use MediaPlayer as the default API, this way RTP channels work, and use the ProgDVB engine (beta version) for the Porto Canal channel.

Re: Referrer support

Thanks for the advice, but with ## it shows as a channel group:

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##EXTINF:-1 group-title="TV" tvg-id="CANAL 180" tvg-logo="",Canal 180

Another issue, sometimes IPTV servers are slow and stop responding, with ProgTV the streaming stops completely, with other IPTV players, they freeze for a second but auto reconnect to the server and streaming continues.

For example, these two IPTV players support auto reconnection to the server: ... droid.iptv ... niklabs.pp

Re: Referrer support

Thanks, the # bug on m3u list now is solved.

RTP channels still don't open with ProgDVB Engine, but still work with MediaPlayer or ExoPlayer. I'm using MediaPlayer now as default.

I notice that some channels on the FreeBestTV list also have problems with some engines.

For example.

1HD Music TV [FHD]

ProgDVB: no
MediaPlayer: yes
ExoPlayer: no
OpenMax: no
FFmpeg: no
MediaPlayer+: no
External Player (MX Player): yes

The external player is the best, but makes the experience of changing channels a bit odd.