Crashing when changing from MediaPlayer+ to OpenMax

some channels did not show video with OpenMax, only Audio.
changing the Playback to MediaPlayer+ solved this, they are shown Video and Audio

This caused another problem, whenever I am watching channel with MediaPlayer+ decoder, then change to channel usng OpenMax, the app crashes

For now I chose all my decoders to be MediaPlayer+, while they were all OpenMax in default settings

Is there drawback for this?
is MediaPlayer+ same as HW+ on other devices?

Re: Crashing when changing from MediaPlayer+ to OpenMax

Ok, here is what get

- for decoding h.265 I cannot choose FFMpeg, I can only choose between 3 choices
OpenMax, MP+, OMX MTK ..

- but from choosing inside each channel Edit mode > PlayBack, I can get all choices
MP, ExoP, OpenMAX, FFmpeg, MP+, OMX MTK

but it does not make sense to choose every 265 channel alone to change the PlayBack mode for them

- I can change the Engine and choose
ProgDVB, MP, ExoP, External

- ExoP is by far the fastest to tart the channel, and t seems to open all channels, but I don't know what is the catch, probably t does not buffer?

- MP+ is a bit slow to open channels, but it opens all channels

Sorry for all these notes, just trying to make the best out of the App