Re: Support for IPTV Stalker Portal

Depending on the IPTV provider, for the second request, it is sometimes necessary to add more parameters, else it doesn't work.
this is the GET Request sent by STBemu (i sniffed the trafic with Fiddler), and i urldecoded the content to make things clear :

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http://<url:port>/portal.php?type=stb&action=get_profile&hd=1&ver=ImageDescription: 0.2.18-r14-pub-250; ImageDate: Fri Jan 15 15:20:44 EET 2016; PORTAL version: 5.3.0; API Version: JS API version: 328; STB API version: 134; Player Engine version: 0x566&num_banks=2&sn=022017J023063&stb_type=MAG250&client_type=STB&image_version=218&video_out=hdmi&device_id=&device_id2=&signature=&auth_second_step=1&hw_version=1.7-BD-00&not_valid_token=0&metrics={"mac":"00:1A:79:xx:XX:XX","sn":"022017J023063","model":"MAG250","type":"STB","uid":"","random":""}&hw_version_2=e62fe39b486e56c852809828523b2b31cf70bce9&timestamp=1580141033&api_signature=263&prehash=9c42ac937c6bc42ba21b45b853bfc020b013f8f6&JsHttpRequest=1-xml
You can notice that there are some timestamps, some virtual serial numbers, the MAC address, and some random hash (pretty useless). I think for best compatibility with all iptv provider, better use this request, it is more complete.

Re: Support for IPTV Stalker Portal

i would suggest you to use Fiddler to sniff the traffic from stbemu : ... free&hl=fr

that way you'll see exactly what are the request sent and the server answer.
This is how i'm doing. just install the application on a smartphone or in an android emulator like "Nox app player". configure the device to use the fiddler proxy. and watch the requests. i think everything will be clear for you.