invalid login

Hello ,
i can't play my iptv channel. It is noticed "invalid login or password"
my iptv provider is king365tv. I have the channels but i can't access.
Can you help me ?

Sorry for my poor english !


Re: invalid login

im having exactly the same issue "invalid login or password" but ONLY in the 64 bit version of ProgDVB when trying to view webcams.... the 32 bit version works fine so i think this may only be an issue with the 64 bit version. Anyone with any ideas how to fix this would be appreciated.

Many thanks

Re: invalid login

all settings including the links are exactly the same. It is affecting a number of webcams in the 64 bit version but not affecting any in the 32 bit version.
Does the 32 bit version pull all the info across from the 64 bit version? the reason i ask is because all my settings are exactly the same including all tabs/channels. Its so strange that they work in one program but not the other.

Re: invalid login

incidentally, i have had these cameras working in the paston a daily basis but then after viewing the streams i get the invalid login/password message but the streams are still working so im not sure why i would receive that message. After i get the message i am no longer able to view the cameras, however if i open the 32 bit version they are all still working