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Hi again thanks for pointing me in the right direction on the windows rc remote control .
Now I have been having a issue with size and display since version 7.32.5 x64 to 7.32.8 x64 everything is small. before this update what ever skin i choose worked fine.
in settings I adjust the display size to 400 and it gets even worse, I reduce it to even 300 now i cant even make out what the words are, no matter what skin or how many times i have reinstalled the program it is set for 1080 displays, I wanted to eliminate anything weird on my end i have nvidia 1660 ti card with MSI 970 GAMING MOTHERBOARD AMD am+3 CPU 8120 and 2400MHZ RAM 8GIG
I have tried using single hdmi output 2.0 then back to dual display because i use the secondary DVI/hdmi port for 7.1 surround sound on my yamaha amp/receiver>
I thought a minor bug I am sure someone else has 4k tv as well with maybe same issue?

Re: Display issue 4k

ProgDvb With My Display port Samsung (U28E590D (DP)
) Whatever I do on the 4K / UHD monitor, the resolution is always distorted. I tried all skins. But the skins also deteriorate much more. some skins do not even show up. On some skins, prog dvb stops working and turns off. For some reason ProgTV does not work at all on my pc (Win 10 x64 pro v2004). I have never liked to use progTV. my pc is not working at all anyway. for this reason I am using ProgDvb. However, I had no problems in ProgDvb until version 6.32.4. However, since 6.32.6 / 7. / 8 Versions, Resolution has been very bad. The names on the channel list are never read what I have done. The articles below. Even the channel information has become unreadable. even the bottom volume button never talks. Believe me, I didn't have a problem until version 6.32.4. but after this release (in 6.32.6 and above) progdvb no longer improves in my 4K SYSTEM no matter what skin and scale 150/200/250 .... And once the scale increases, this time the volume and control buttons are too small to be seen . The result was worse if I tried the resolution. Since I bought progdvb from real, I started to regret it recently. Just prog dvb is also a problem. because the others are okay. and I think it will not improve. :-(

Note: By the way, the problem was the same when using Windows 10 x64 1909 Version.

Re: Display issue 4k

Prog wrote:
Fri Mar 13, 2020 11:37 am
btw, you can try change scale mode in properties of ProgDVB shortcut. Of course this is bad way but for experiment.

Why is the release 7.32.4 running without problems ? and not change scale mode in properties of ProgDVB shortcut. Of course this is bad way but for experiment

Everything worked without any change and the problem remains
Returning to 7.32.4 , the problem ends