very very annoing issue

Hello everyone i have a very annoying issue , so far will all and every version of progdvb i have tried .

i ll try to explain the problem :
I have a Technisat Skystar Usb 2 Hd (sat)
Technisat CableStar Combo HD CI USB (dvbt)
WinFast DTV Dongle Gold BDA Device (dvbt)
Terratec T/C Stick (dvbt)
Terratec S7 usb ( sat )

i usually use only the first 2

Now the odd problem is ..................if i use them together sat doest work anymore
it says there is signal and everything ........but the screen is totally back
if i disconnect ( from usb port ) one of the 2 , the other keeps back to work normally .

Things i know for sure :
Usb ports work and work fine
recievers work and work fine
drivers work and work fine

why i know ? cos any other prog i have used work without issues with them both connected and i can switch from sat to dvbt or vice versa without any problem.

The only thing that i m left with is........its a prg dvb bug been there from centuries and never fixed , and its quite annoying to have to disconnect everytime a reciver to wtach the other

another thing , if for example i use another dvbt reciever (even disalbling from the prog the 2 thecnisat cards ) nada it doesnt work ..............the only solution is always to disconnect one phisically from usb

simply put if the 2 technisat cards are connected at the same time , prodvb will never work !

all other programs works seamsly