ProgTV stop playback

Hello, first of all I'd like to say thank you for developing such a great program with so many options, including video renderer, etc. I believe it is only one of couple of programs that also work on Windows PCs without installing an Android emulator.

I have one immediate issue with the ProgTV App, there is no "STOP" button? Most other programs have the ability to stop playback easily, with ProgTV it seems I can only "pause", to stop it is a tedious 3-step process (long press.. > Playback > Stop). Why isn't there a simple stop button? It could be in the timeshift menu or by the record/favorites/timeshift buttons?

Also most apps allow for tapping "back" buttons repeatedly to exit, but that is less important.

Thank you for listening.

Re: ProgTV stop playback

I don't really NEED it, but I don't need a lot of other features like the record button on every channel either, it's just added convenience. Sometimes I simply want to stop live TV and resume later, without the need for pause/timeshift.

Also, I can't exit the app easily, I have to go through menus, on other apps just hitting "BACK" repeatedly asks if you want to exit.

This is just my opinion of course, I've been trying different apps and this is what stood out to me as a first-time user.