Black screen

Hello, I am new to this application that looks quite good, I just have a small problem, I have a list that when inserting it in the application, the channels for my country are without image and I only see the black screen and hear the sound, refer that other countries' channels give perfectly. Will any configuration be necessary? In other applications it works fine, but I wanted my list in this application. Greetings!!

Re: Black screen

As ProgTV stated change the player. If for some reason that does not work follow instructions.

If you have an external player like MX Player Pro program it into ProgTV by starting at Main Menu>Options>Playback>Scroll down to External Player and select MX Player Pro or whichever external player you like. Go back to the channel you have black screen right click remote scroll down to Playback you should see API: and the current player tap on it and change it to external.